Saturday, August 05, 2006

Becoming Antisocial

It isn't working. The day I posted last, I had no idea that something would happen to me that would give me something to write about. I broke the news to my mother the next morning. I talked to one of my friends about it that night and he said to "give him some space, then slowly start talking to him. Maybe, just maybe, he'll realize how much he misses me and come back."
Now, you've probably guessed it... Spencer broke up with me, and I am feeling extremely sorry for myself. I had resolved not to pick up the phone, or talk to my friends on the internet, just disappear for awhile until school started, get my homework done, travel a little, pay off my car. And the only people who would know what had happened to me are the one's I live with and the people I work with. My friends are not co-operating. I've gotten 2 instant messages and three or four phone calls since. Unfortunately, none of them were from the person I wanted to phone, and none contained the grovelling that I wanted to hear. I guess I should consider myself lucky though; at least my friends care enough about me to not let me go that far. So now I am here, alone with my goals and dog, and paying off a car.


Mom said...

I love you, sweetie-pie!!!

Jeff Crowder said...

Aww! Is that the blogging equivalent of having your mom drop you off at school and yell out the window of the car "I love you. Don't worry about the bedsheets. I'll take care of them sweetie!"

Hang in there.