Saturday, May 22, 2010

News... and Spam

So, spam is, for the most part, untraceable, correct? Sure it is! Not. I've been getting a lot of spam in my email as of late, and I've just been clicking the unsubscribe button. But today, I noticed something funny about my spam. It had another girl's name on it. Another girl that I happened to know. It started like this:

Dear L.
Thank you for signing up for a speeddate account...

Okay.... what the fuck. First of all, my name isn't L. Secondly, I know someone named L. who would have indirect reasons to spam me (she's friends with MZ and AK). But it cant possibly be her, can it? LB? NAH! So I click on the link to investigate further, see if whoever was a douchebag put a last name down. No, there wasn't a last name, so my suspicions weren't confirmed... right away. I then noticed that I had a profile picture. I looked at the picture, and what do you know! It was a previous profile picture of the same "friend" LB on facebook. So I called her on it. I cant wait to hear what her answer is. Dumbass. If you're going to spam someone's email, at least do it in such a way that it's untraceable.

In other news, I started my new job at Zales yesterday. Good stuff, except I don't know anything. Two teenage girls walked into the store last night, and one was like, "my mom's birthday is coming up, and I want to buy her a ring." So, the jewelry consultant in me was like, great, I know nothing about jewelry right now except that it sparkles and is pretty. What would be the first question I would ask if I was legit? "What's your price range?" Great question, JA, but you don't know ANYTHING about any of this jewelry. Luckily, she said she didn't know, so I told her I would let her look around, and if she had any questions, she could ask. She didn't and left the store shortly after. I fail at consulting. But I'll get better.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Less Unfortunate

So, last week was shit week.
This week is infinitely better.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders
Like all my prayers have been answered.
Not only do I have a place to live
(At least for a month),
But I also landed a job,
Selling jewels and beautiful things.
I'm moving in a week.
Quitting my shitty job.
AAS is moving in in a month and a half.
Exciting to be together,
After almost two years of being apart.
The DA internship is going well,
I'm getting more and more cases every day.
Keeping busy,
Just the way I Like It.

Life is finally coming together,
Fitting all the pieces into the puzzle.
My motivation has returned.
My sense of self
My sense of accomplishment,
My sense of direction.
Things feel like they will be okay.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Series of Unfortunate Events: My Life Edition

The one thing in the past week that hasn't sucked was the Nickelback concert, but I want to end this post on a happy note, so I'll save that bit for last.
So, the Nickelback concert was on Saturday, and when I went upstairs after dinner on Sunday, KS caught me and was like "J, we have some news for you." That's pretty much when I knew they had found someone to take my place working for MS. What she told me that the lady wanted to be moved in by the first of the month, and I realized that I only had two weeks to get a job and an apartment, that's when I panicked. So today I went job-hunting... and made quite possibly the dumbest mistake ever: I handed out resumes, and the last store I gave my resume to was the store that I realized the objective was the wrong objective. I had forgotten to proof-read it before I printed them out. And what, darlings, did that objective say, you may be asking yourselves. It said this: "To gain experience in the psychology field with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and young victims, while learning about the court system." I kid you not. The lady looked at me and was like, "Your objective doesn't state that you want to go into sales," with that are-you-stupid tone of voice. I had seen it before she did, and felt like an idiot already, and told her that I printed out the wrong resume. I had given out nine other resumes. Epic. Fail.
So I go home, and change, and then go to check out a house, but the renters that I would be subletting with couldn't get into the house because her freshly cut keys wouldn't work. So I took the applications on good faith that it was pretty on the inside, and with the knowledge that it's in a nice neighborhood, and went on my way to see the next little studio apartment that I had a meeting for. I was there about 20 minutes early, so I found a comfortable tree to sit against, and ended up witnessing a crime! Yeah, some kid broke the glass of a car window and jumped in and stole something. I'm a good citizen, so I called the police and filed a report. I just feel bad for the people who the car belongs to. How are they going to pay for it? Oh well, guess that will teach them for parking on the street in a sketchy neighborhood.
Now, for the Nickelback concert. Two words: Fucking. Amazing. Sick Puppies opened for them, Shinedown followed Sick Puppies, and Breaking Benjamin came third. All of them were pretty good bands. Then Nickelback took the stage. OH. MY. GOD. AWESOME! They had this curtain up around their stuff that had the Dark Horse logo displayed on it. When they started playing, fireworks went off, and I thought someone was shooting at us! Then they dropped the curtain and started their set off with the most perfect song to start a set off with, Burn it to the Ground!

"Well it's midnight, damn right, we're wound up too tight
I've got a fist full of whiskey, the bottle just bit me
That shit makes me bat shit crazy
We've got no fear, no doubt, all in balls out

We're going off tonight
To kick out every light
Take anything we want
Drink everything in sight
We're going till the world stops turning
While we burn it to the ground tonight

We're screaming like demons, swinging from the ceiling
I got a fist full of fifties, tequila just hit me
We got no class, no taste, no shirt, and shit faced
We got it lined up, shot down, firing back straight crown

We're going off tonight
To kick out every light
Take anything we want
Drink everything in sight
We're going till the world stops turning
While we burn it to the ground tonight

Ticking like a time bomb, drinking till the nights gone
Well get you hands off of this glass, last call my ass
Well no chain, no lock, and this train won't stop
We got no fear, no doubt, all in balls out!"

Totally all in balls out that night! They had THE MOST AWESOME pyrotechnics, as well as great music! They played all my favorite songs, even songs from like, ten years ago! Seriously, one of THE MOST AMAZING CONCERT EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE! The best concert orgasm ever! Chad Kroeger was funny, telling jokes and stuff the whole time. Lighting was amazing, the band was giving away free beer and tequila to the people on the floor. It was simply AMAZING. More later.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Know How I Thought Everything Was Going So Great? Yeah.. Not So Much

Last time I updated you, I left you with my schedule up until next Wednesday, I think (end of finals). I took my driver's test, and failed on these grounds: I signaled when I started, but I guess she didn't catch that, because she marked me down on it. She marked me down for an unnecessary stop at a corner where there was no stop sign, which I thought was unfair because there was a vehicle parked that was impeding my vision, so I couldn't see a stop sign, if there was one there, and I was therefore being a defensive driver. Apparently I didn't pay enough attention when I turned, because she marked me down for observation. She marked me down for my lane use, in both observation and position. I checked over my shoulder every time I changed lanes, but apparently she didn't get that, and when I was going down a residential street, it wasn't marked as a two-lane street, but apparently it was, because I was driving in the middle of what I thought was a one-way street, doing exactly the same thing as the guy ahead of me. That bastard made me fail! Then she said I moved into the left hand turn lane too soon, which I think was bullshit, because I entered about a car length from when the yellow lines stopped. She said I took my corners too fast, and that I sucked at backing up. And to top it all off, she took me through fucking construction! I saw the flagger, and I had time to stop, but she warned me to stop before I had the opportunity, which was my automatic failure. Thanks bitch. Have a shitty day.
So that was my driver's test. Then came my birthday. I turned 21. The first part wasn't so bad. I went out with friends who are less than 21, and we had dinner, they sang to me at Red Robin, and it was fun. After that, I had made plans to meet up with people to go to the bar for my first time. No one showed up. I already knew I had no friends, but seriously? I'm offering to go drinking, and no one wants to take me up on that? My friend, H. told me that she was going to be late, but she never called. So I went to the bar anyway, and did the whole rite of passage first drink bit. By the time I was done, no one had shown up yet. So I paid my tab and left, feeling like crap. Just as I was leaving, my father calls. I told him no one showed up, and he was like, "Call your Uncle D. (Oldman)." I knew Uncle Oldman would love to have a drink with me, and two drinks in a half an hour told me it would be a good idea to call him at 10pm. Not so much. A), he had already had a few drinks, so he couldn't come in to Universitytown, and B) 10pm is late for him. He gets up early in the morning. My alcoholized self didn't think about this. But I told him what happened, and he was pissed that my friends didn't show up, and my mom tells me he was pissed that I went out by myself anyway. So he insisted that he call someone and have them pick me up and take me home. That someone turned out to be my cousin, DH. DH and I have nothing in common. And I felt bad for having to have him come and pick me up. I kept telling Oldman that I could get home by myself, and that if it made him feel better, I could call my boss and have her come and get me. He wouldn't have it. "Too many methheads around." Apparently he doesn't know about all those late nights that I spend at school. So yeah. That was a shitty night.
Yesterday was alright. I sat in the library all day working on a paper outline. Still haven't done the paper yet, but I'm preparing for a "Don't go out by yourself and drink" lecture for on the way to the concert. Mom says I was wrong to do it, because the bartender could have slipped me something. What she doesn't realize is that I watched the bartender make my drinks, and I watched my drinks once they were in front of me. I was fine.
Then there was yesterday. I went to look at an apartment, and got into a fight with AAS. Fun. Shit.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I know, I know. I told you guys and myself that I would post at least once a week, but at least I'm not that far behind. I just have a lot of big stuff happening! For instance, I'm going to look at an apartment today that's about a mile and a half from the school. I am scheduled to take my driver's test tomorrow in Stown! So excited, and not sure if I'm ready. My birthday is Thursday, I'm turning 21. I also have a paper due Thursday. I'm going to a concert on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, and then I have a paper due on Monday, as well as a final exam on Monday morning. Following that, on Tuesday I have a paper due, and my last final is Wednesday morning. Then on Thursday, I start at my internship site (technically I've already started because I already have a case. But whatever. Technicalities, right?)
I'm stoked for the summer. AAS MOVES here in July, which is less than TWO MONTHS from now! I'm busy looking for a place for us to live, and hopefully the place I applied to will accept us, but as of right now, I'm still looking because I haven't heard from the landlords. I'm also looking for a new job. I had two interviews a couple weeks ago, and I'm supposed to hear back from both companies sometime soon, but I haven't yet, so I should get my ass back into applying for more jobs. I might be changing my schedule for next semester around a bit too. We'll see what happens. I supposed I gotta do what I gotta do to make ends meet, right?
Stuff is scary though, knowing that soon I will have to start paying about $200 dollars for an apartment, and that as of right now, I don't have the funds or the employment to do so. Well, I have papers to get to, but I'll probably just end up watching House. Go me.