Saturday, January 28, 2006

Missoula Children's Theater

Earlier this evening, I sat on the steps, writing a letter and a post at the same time (without intending to). I was babysitting, waiting for my charge to meet me with her father at the prearranged time. As I was waiting, little girls (and sometimes boys) scurried past me to the restroom that was serving as a dressing room for the night. When they headed back the way they came from, they were barely recognizable, disguised as characters, that I later learned were called "foresters." People payed me no attention, allowing me to watch without distraction (a perk of being a wall flower). Friends hugged each other, wishing the other luck; over-enthusiastic parents demanded that their children say cheese, pleading them to pose for picture after picture; the actors who run the show, rushing around to make sure that all the skunks are in their places... I have done two shows with Missoula Children's Theater, both in which I played a small part, and both in which my parents were the same way. I remember that my father brought me fifty roses and my mom took me out to Big Scoop for a dinner celebration. I was in third grade! How was I to know they were competing? As all MCT shows go, this one was extremely cute, and very fun to watch. Perfect for the little kids and adults who want a laugh.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Finals Week

Finals week is once again upon us. I find myself stressing about Chemistry, because the teacher can't teach, stressing about math because I don't remember hardly anything from the beginning of the semester. My health final is oral and in front of an entire class, where I'll turn red, stare at my paper, and speak with a soft voice. And as for English? Most of the Honors kids were scoring at about a 4 or 5 on the papers that we were writing at the beginning of the semester. All I can say is I'm glad that the semester is almost over. I was beating my head against a very hard, very solid brick wall during third period, that which Mr. McCoy would never explain anything any different than what he had originally explained, ignoring the fact that explaining something different can help a student learn better, and ignoring their questions. I will be immensely glad to have new classes next semester. Change can be depressing but I think I'll make the best out of the new classes, and besides, Casey (from whom I recieved a letter from boot camp on Sunday), will be returning to this good old, little town at the end of March (something to further look forward to).

Friday, January 20, 2006

To Trust, Or Not To Trust...

As it stands, I have inadvertently become part of the high school tabloids. I suppose it all started with the one rumor. The one tongue of a “friend” who has unexpectedly stabbed me in the back. I didn’t know that by allowing an innocent kiss to happen, I would become a whore. And all because an ex-girlfriend of his (who happened to break up with him so she could date his best friend), is jealous. Let's explore the definition of the word "whore". Merriam Webster Online defines it as "a woman who engages in sexual acts for money, a PROSTITUTE, a promiscuous or immoral woman, or a male who engages in sexual acts for money." Last I checked, I was none of these things. I do not sleep around, I do not make out with random guys, I do not sell myself to guys. Given that, is it right to slander someone's name without grounds? Yeah, I didn't think you would disagree, which is exactly the reason I have chosen to exclude their names. The guy with whom said kiss took place, heard the rumor a long time ago, and yet, when I asked him who it was, he wouldn't divulge that information. Well, now I know, and that's a good thing; not because I want revenge, but because now I truly know who my loyal friends are, and who not to trust.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A myspace Scandal at Small-World High School

To start off, I just want to state how incredibly stupid some people can be. I bet you have all heard of the new trend amongst teens that has been going around. The best description of myspace is a place where people sixteen years and older can post blogs, post pictures, and view the profiles of other people. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on who you are) my high school has also heard of this website and has been invesitgating it's students' profiles. Well, some of said students had previously posted photos of themselves at parties, beers in hand, as well as journal entries that have described what goes on at said parties. Authorities are currently in the process of weeding out the individuals who have taken part in these activities and suspending them from school for a few weeks. The friends of suspended parties are calling this a violation of privacy. And yet, as always, I find myself taking different views on the matter.
Now, allow me to remind you that these students are my age (under 21). Allow me to further remind you that underage drinking is ILLEGAL. My thoughts on this subject are as follows: IF YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO POST PICTURES OF YOURSELF DRINKING AT A PARTY, WHILE YOU ARE UNDERAGE, YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO GET CAUGHT! The internet is public! Myspace is a part of the internet! If you don't want to get in trouble for doing things that are "forbidden," DON'T POST YOUR EVIDENCE IN A PUBLIC PLACE!
This punishment of suspension does not do the "criminals" justice. What really needs to happen is the offending students need to attend their regular classes, with a few de-toxification treatments, a few Alcholics Anonymous classes thrown into the mix, and quite a bit of community service. You see, by suspending these students, the school is simply giving them a chance to throw their own parties at home. Even if these students' parents did give a damn about what their children were doing, what is stopping them from climbing out the window and shimmying down the drain pipe in the middle of the night, just so they can go and get busted once again?
So, the lesson to be learned from all of this, in short: If you want to do something illegal, fine. If you don't want to get caught, don't leave evidence. If you do leave evidence, don't post it on the internet (which happens to be publically accessible). And last but not least, if you do decide to post it in a public place, DON'T PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!

It's Funny How Things Can Change In An Instant

I was getting straight A's
Until that fateful night.
All my friends were good people,
Their records all white.

An awesome new tee,
A sweet short skirt,
I was off to a party
Where I'd be a cute flirt.

The frat boys got close,
And brought me beer after beer.
I decided to leave,
I had nothing to fear.

My friends said not to go.
"You're smashed," they did say.
My actions I couldn't control,
And I walked with a sway.

I hopped into the car,
My thoughts coming late,
And my reactions delayed.
I didn't know what was to be my fate.

My Toyota swerved around on the road,
Catching a Ford by the fender.
Both of our cars were thrown into the ditch,
Guaranteeing this to be more than a bender.

I stood and waited for the police.
Paramedics cared for my pains.
I begged them to check on the woman and child
But their ailments were more than just strains.

Front page news, the headlines scream
"Teen Kills Small Family in Crash"
The story told the known facts.
It made me look like white trash.

I went to the funeral
Of the mother and child.
All the tears of the relatives
Were driving me wild.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,
Or so the woman's family believed.
They wanted me hurt, if not killed,
If only to have the burden relieved.

And now here I sit,
Two murder counts staining my record
And an MIP that will screw up my schooling,
Not something that I can afford.

I can't believe that one person
Could cause so much pain.
I stare at the torn outfit I wore
That night that the road was stained.

I took two lives with a simple decision,
About driving after having those drinks.
I wish I'd been a little bit smarter,
And took some time to stop and think.

*Although this poem is styled in the first person, the writer has not and will never participate in acts of stupidity, such as drinking and driving.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bet You Thought I Didn't Make It...

Hey guys, I bet you all thought my head exploded on Y2K+6, because I haven't posted in so long. This is my first post of the year and my unoffical first anniversary! Yea! A whole year of posting! I am so proud of myself and the fact that I didn't give up on blogging. I am even getting positive feedback from some old teachers. Thanks for your support guys! Tomorrow I'll be back with a poem.