Saturday, January 28, 2006

Missoula Children's Theater

Earlier this evening, I sat on the steps, writing a letter and a post at the same time (without intending to). I was babysitting, waiting for my charge to meet me with her father at the prearranged time. As I was waiting, little girls (and sometimes boys) scurried past me to the restroom that was serving as a dressing room for the night. When they headed back the way they came from, they were barely recognizable, disguised as characters, that I later learned were called "foresters." People payed me no attention, allowing me to watch without distraction (a perk of being a wall flower). Friends hugged each other, wishing the other luck; over-enthusiastic parents demanded that their children say cheese, pleading them to pose for picture after picture; the actors who run the show, rushing around to make sure that all the skunks are in their places... I have done two shows with Missoula Children's Theater, both in which I played a small part, and both in which my parents were the same way. I remember that my father brought me fifty roses and my mom took me out to Big Scoop for a dinner celebration. I was in third grade! How was I to know they were competing? As all MCT shows go, this one was extremely cute, and very fun to watch. Perfect for the little kids and adults who want a laugh.


Anonymous said...

'nother missoula blogger. I periodically search missoula via blogspot just to see who's out there.