Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Funny How Things Can Change In An Instant

I was getting straight A's
Until that fateful night.
All my friends were good people,
Their records all white.

An awesome new tee,
A sweet short skirt,
I was off to a party
Where I'd be a cute flirt.

The frat boys got close,
And brought me beer after beer.
I decided to leave,
I had nothing to fear.

My friends said not to go.
"You're smashed," they did say.
My actions I couldn't control,
And I walked with a sway.

I hopped into the car,
My thoughts coming late,
And my reactions delayed.
I didn't know what was to be my fate.

My Toyota swerved around on the road,
Catching a Ford by the fender.
Both of our cars were thrown into the ditch,
Guaranteeing this to be more than a bender.

I stood and waited for the police.
Paramedics cared for my pains.
I begged them to check on the woman and child
But their ailments were more than just strains.

Front page news, the headlines scream
"Teen Kills Small Family in Crash"
The story told the known facts.
It made me look like white trash.

I went to the funeral
Of the mother and child.
All the tears of the relatives
Were driving me wild.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,
Or so the woman's family believed.
They wanted me hurt, if not killed,
If only to have the burden relieved.

And now here I sit,
Two murder counts staining my record
And an MIP that will screw up my schooling,
Not something that I can afford.

I can't believe that one person
Could cause so much pain.
I stare at the torn outfit I wore
That night that the road was stained.

I took two lives with a simple decision,
About driving after having those drinks.
I wish I'd been a little bit smarter,
And took some time to stop and think.

*Although this poem is styled in the first person, the writer has not and will never participate in acts of stupidity, such as drinking and driving.