Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Long Time, No Posts

Update on the Casey at boot camp front: his next letter is supposed to get to the Small Town post office by tomorrow. In his last letter, he described things that the drill sergeants do that are completely inhumane, (like slamming the recruits heads up against the wall? Sounds like someone needs a little anger management, and that person is not me (contrary to the belief of my father)). I'm literally counting the weeks until he comes home from the hell that he's in right now.
In other day-to-day news, a new guy (S.M.) just transferred into my second period class, and he's been assign to the computer next to me (I have yet to decide whether this is a good or bad thing), and it seems that he is doing everything that he can to get my attention. M.M. sits on the opposite side of him, and instead of asking a fellow male (who is as far along in the project as I am), he turns to the female, allowing her to make a complete fool out of herself (which, more often than not, she screws up the process of what he's supposed to be doing, and messes up, or forgot, further proving the thought that men have in their heads that women and technology don't mix). Why guys do this, I probably will never find out.
As far as history goes (the class), C.G. has managed to land himself in another one of my classes(ha ha, that's ironic, considering the aformentioned and I have a history) , granting himself the opportunity to drive me up the wall for yet another semester (something that he will not be doing, unless he wishes to strive diligently, which he won't, the cause being that he's lazy). He's talked to me once so far this semester for about five minutes, long enough to tell me that his friends are starting to suggest that he apologize (this includes C.R. but that was when he was still here at the end of December), later explaining that he hasn't yet because he doesn't see what he did wrong. My reply was that I hadn't told anyone anything except for the fact that we are no longer friends and my reasoning for that, seeing as it was my decision. In the words of my friend, M.H, "we all thought C.G. went wrong by dating S.S. but I guess it all went downhill after that." Man, is that the truth...


Jeff Crowder said...

So what is going on now? No posts in quite a while.