Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Eating Out

The other day, I walked into a Wendy's restaurant, ordered a meal of the processed meat and deep fried potatoes, and sat down to eat. As I was masticating (awesome word!) I observed my surroundings. There was, of course, the usual objects that you would see in a fast food restaurant, such as the food, cups, the littl cardboard holders and paper that contain your food, the registers, ect. There was also a small sign, barely noticable, hanging above the registers, stating that "Wendy's cares..." followed by a phone number and an invatation to "give us a call." And, as it is unpreventable, I began to wonder; did I really enjoy my service, or was it a bit lacking? So I went back to my regular occupation of analyzing the people and things around me. It was then that I came to realize that the girl behind the register was just repeating the same thing over and over again. It also hit me that I do the exact same thing in working retail. However, there is a small difference between us: this young girl, about my age, seemed to be void of life. Don't get me wrong, she does work at a fast food restaurant, which would be a bit depressing to me as well, but this girl didn't let a single smile escape to one of her customers. Maybe I just caught her on a bad day, and she really enjoys her job, constantly laughing and joking with everyone as she asks what kind of sauce they would like for their dipping purposes. But from her appearance, and from her co-workers' appearances, they don't have fun with their jobs.
On a less depressing note, take a look at this popular waiter's website. This man has some excellent stories that are quite humorous most of the time, and quite a bit of life experience.


Jeff Crowder said...

I was ata Wendy's on Sunday and it was terrible. It was so slow, they screwed up our order, and the baked potato was leathery and had finger indentations from where the cook pushed the skin down.

It will for sure be my last time eating there.

As for the drone cashier, sometimes it's funny to ask for something totally rediculous just to see if you can get a reaction. Do you sell condoms?

cheesemeister said...

Working in fast food is a soul-destroying experience, to be sure.
I lasted about a month when I did so. When I finally got so fed up I could no longer take it, I threw the brown polyester uniform at the evil assistant manager (don't worry, I had changed into my street clothes first!) and left with the finger flying high--you know which finger I mean! >;-)