Tuesday, September 13, 2005

He's How Old?!?

So, yesterday, I was working and after everyone left, with the exception of Stephanie and me, a guy came in to shop our awesome sales with two women in tow, as well as a girl and a boy about my age, and a guy who appeared to be about twenty-six, judging by his face and the numerous tattoos on his biceps.
The group starts to make a pile at the register, shopping all the sales rounders. Everyone brings something up, and there is a lot of stuff for an unseen guy, named Joe.
Every time someone said something was for Joe, the whole group started ragging on him. I said, "Man, you guys must not like Joe very much." They would assure me, "No, no, we love Joe." Then the tattooed guy piped up that Joe was single and they all gave me that conspiring glance. Everyone started talking him up to me, saying how great he is and how he's such a sweet guy, all the while, giving me that look.
I asked, "How old is Joe, exactly?"
"Oh, about thirty-nine, forty, maybe," Tattoo Guy responded.
"And do you have any idea how old I am?"
They size me up, trying to guess how old. The woman finally asked, "How old?"
I told them. Everyone looked taken aback and finally someone said, "She's a youngin!"
They all gave eachother this look that could mean nothing but I never would have guessed that age.
Tattoo Guy finally turned to me and said, "Well, Joe needs numbers, so can we get yours anyway?" I have a good feeling he was just messing around though.
Turns out the older man owns a dental office in Lynnwood and the two women as well as the MIA Joe are his employees. The kids my age are his children and Tattoo Guy is his godson. Don't you love feeling older? I'm told the feeling goes away after thirty years old.