Thursday, March 30, 2006

"This Class Is A Joke!"

First and foremost, let me just say that I HATE posting over email. It screws up the freaking format on my blog, but sometimes I have to do it.
Secondly, I am in a really bad mood today, for no reason in particular, except for the fact that I just don't feel like being the nice person that I usually am (some people would disagree with this statement, but they can just go commit suicide). I guess it started during lunch when I was just sitting there, trying to eat my still-hard noodles from my Cup of Noodles. This was because the school doesn't heat up the water to the point that the noodles get soft. For some odd reason, that really made me angry today. So then one of my friends comes along, and by this time I am developing a headache. He pats me on the head as he walks by and since I'm feeling a little less than cordial, I yell, "Don't touch me!" This, of course, draws attention to myself and causes more people to touch me, increasing my anger levels, the volume of my curses, and most likely my blood pressure. I was getting hot, like I had a fever, and my friends were looking at each other like "What's wrong with her?"
The noise level in the cafeteria finally overloaded my brain and I took off to go to class after I hit the library. Class commenced again and finished without disturbances. So I found my next class, where, not ten minutes in, this asshole of a hick gets mad because some girl got the pass to leave before he did. All this kid wanted to do was fill his water bottle and he was seriously pissed off. Mr. H. called him out into the hall, somewhat like kindergarden and talked to him in "private". While this little conferance was going on, I raised my aching head off the table and shouted, "This class is a joke!" People were shocked by my outburst, because I don't say things like that, let alone in class. It was totally inappropriate, but I was really ticked. So then I went off about the reason I started taking honors courses, which is to get away from screw ups like the ones who sit in the front of this particular class, telling my audience that I wish there was an AP History so I could get away from those inconsiderate failures who don't want to learn. K.L, who lives just down the street from me, kept telling me to calm down, while C.G. kept reminding me that all of high school is a joke. The superiors only pass you because you can say that you've learned something. B.L. and A.W. asked what the cause of my little tirade was and I further explained that I wasn't feeling good, that I hate people of their kind, and that maybe I just didn't feel like being the nice person that I usually am. Mr. H. comes back into class after I've finished my lovely little impromptu speech and K.L. informs him that I have just gone off on the class. K.H. (the teacher) turns to me and says, "If you want to go off on these guys, fine. Just do it." K.L. replies that I already have and that "It was awesome!" I hate high school.
My horrible attitude was pushed a little farther off the cliff of insanity by C.R. not coming home today. So I went home, proceeded to try to do my homework on the internet, but my computer froze twice. I finally said, "Whatever, I'm done," a phrase that I've been using quite a bit today, and slept for a couple of hours. When I felt like getting up, it was 5:00 and I really wanted a cookie and a sandwich. So I convinced my step-dad to take me to Subway if I bought dinner. So now here I sit, venting my frustrations with our "free" school system, which says that we don't have to go if we don't want to, yet turns around and disciplines us when we skip class. The administrators suck.