Sunday, July 02, 2006

Snot, Mucus, Mucus Membranes, Brains?

Uhh, allergy season has come to kill me. All the pollen is floating about, people are mowing their dead lawns, and my hay fever and allergies are acting up. Poor S.H. He saw the worst part of me yesterday when it started at the Hal Ketchem concert. I had to blow my nose every five minutes (Warning: this is not an exaggeration). Well, I woke up this morning and felt like my head weighed five pounds more than it usually does. I debated calling in sick, but I'm really not that kind of person. So I toughed it out at work, again, blowing my nose every five minutes.
And afterwards, I sat pondering the color and texture of snot. I began to contemplate that maybe the phrase, "Blowing your brains out," was true. I mean, sentiments like that have to come from somewhere. And I notice that as the day goes on, I am having a harder and harder time thinking and speaking. Then it occured to me; maybe all the poundage of snot that I'm clearing out of my sinuses is actually my brain melting in the heat and dripping out my nose.


Jeff Crowder said...

I totally feel your pain. I'm severely allergic to ragweed in the fall.

This year I'm trying more natural methods because allergy medicines don't work anymore: garlic extract as immune booster, quercitin as a natural anti-histamine and a product called Allergy Relief by Bell Lifestyle Products which has a money back guarantee.

Kristin said...

while that was not great to read while eating, i now wonder if its true... heh

i don't think "god" is trying to tell me anything...
it's not that i dont believe in god, it's that i think that if there is a god 1) he's an underachiever ... check out the state of the world and 2) he wouldnt waste his time with petty teenage relationships... however unpetty it may seem to me.

just my jaded view of the world