Monday, May 19, 2008

An Everlasting Moment

I'm headed to the theatre for the third time today.
Could have gone back to L. for a quick nap.
Okay, so maybe I'm not headed to work.
Maybe, maybe I'm hooked on you.
Can't get enough.
Walking past E., hoping to even glimpse you.
I turn, again, hoping to see you,
Needing to see you.
You're sneaking up on me.
Rascally devil, you.
You pout, your game spoiled, blaming it on me for looking too soon.
And then you wrap an arm around me,
Stopping with me at the theatre.
My home.
You, I would like to think, understand why I chose it as my major.
And I love you for it.
But I can't tell you that.
You would freak.
So instead, I'll say,
"Thank you, darlin', for supporting me."
Eh, I've got half-an-hour;
Let's go to K.
And we're off,
In his room for twenty minutes,
A period that passes all too quickly.
He's wrapping his arms around me,
Resting his head on my sleepy head,
Never letting me go,
Never letting me out of his (attached) grasp.
And then time stands still.
He's kissing me with those perfect lips of his,
The perfect touch,
The perfect strength.
And I have only one wish:
That I could remain frozen
In this moment,
He's so handsome,
But he can't see his own worth.
He can't see that I am so attracted to,
Attached to,
In love with,
And even though I tell him, he can't see why.
Through the crazy faces, the obnoxious behavior,
The feigned masochism and the misogyny,
I see a sensitive man,
Modeled from a Greek god.
Those blue-grey eyes, boyish smile,
And that facial hair I've grown to love
Hide the soul that I yearn for,
The soul I want to learn more about,
The soul whose secrets I want to discover.
My mystery man.
And all too soon, the alarm goes off,
And I'm getting up,
Slipping on my shoes,
And trekking back to the theatre.

I wrote this in March. The relationship referred to here is over now, but the poem still deserved to be published. Not because I miss him, but because it's my work, my words, my poetry.