Monday, January 04, 2010

Letters to the Years

Dear 2009,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun times. You were born with a bang, and a great one at that. Good snow, that turned into a flood, that resulted in some panic about keeping some travel plans. However, 2009, your weather didn't deter me, and I had a blast doing things that I never thought I would do. You held a lot for me, 2009. While a lot of bad things happened, several good things resulted. Like my friendships' demise with MZ and AK, and my friendships' development with AS, SL, PT, and others. Out of the expired friendships, a passion was spawned to help the homeless at Summit, which has led to a possible internship in India within the next few years. 2009, you were filled with ups and downs, family visits, close friends, interesting classes, and new experiences. I'm not sure how I made it through you, but I did, and I would like to think I'm a better person for it. Thank you.

Love, JA


Dear 2010,

Let me just take a minute to introduce myself: My name is JA, and I just wanted to let you know what I expect from you and myself in the coming months. I expect hard work and motivation. I expect you to present me with opportunities. I expect us to be friends, expect you to present me with the good things in life, like close friendships, supportive family, wonderful self-confidence and self-esteem, and a great 21st birthday in May. I can't wait for all the exciting things that we will do together, and 2010, I ask you please, to provide for those who are less fortunate, to improve for them as the months pass. Oh, and 2010, welcome.

Love, JA