Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Panic Mode. Let's Avoid That, Shall We?

The fact of the matter is, I have finals in two weeks, and three presentations that I have to give on Monday, as well as people that I have to meet with regarding living situations, and interviews. Plus, I haven’t been there for the past two weeks anyway, thereby losing all authority I have over the other scene shop workers. And I suck at explaining things. And people don’t listen to me. So much for everything my mom told me about my being a leader and not a follower when I was little. The fact of the matter is, between my upcoming presentations, my job interviews, and my potential roommate interviews/viewings of rooms and houses, and my evening job, I don’t have any time to work for the next two weeks.
As soon as I turned in my notice, it hit me how stressed I am right now. And I guess it wasn’t really turning in my notice, because giving notice consists of letting your employer know that you will only be there for two more weeks, and that is kind of pointless for my situation.
To give you an idea, here is my finals to-do list:

  1. Women and gender paper (half done)
  2. Women and gender powerpoint (wont even be started until Sunday night)
  3. Language Learning and Acquisition (LLA) powerpoint slides
  4. LLA paper
  5. LLA unit three paper
  6. Russian lit novella
  7. Russian lit paper topic
  8. Women and gender test
  9. Russian lit paper
  10. Driver's test
  11. Practice for Driver's test
  12. Psych internship paperwork (mostly done, I just need to write a page on what I have to do for my internship)
  13. Then there's actual finals.
Now an idea for why I am stressed:
  1. The length of my to-do list
  2. Three presentations due all on the same day
  3. At least 6 psych articles to read before Sunday
  4. Prep for my driver's test
  5. I'm now unemployed
  6. I'm looking for a house/place to live for myself and my boyfriend (harder than you would think, because most places that we can afford, the landlord or housemates are opposed to taking a couple, and I can't afford many places like that on my own.
  7. I can't get a house/place to live without a source of income, and believe me... they check for that.
  8. I have to get a cheap place that isn't far from University, in a good neighborhood. This is difficult to find, because all the places near University are either expensive, or are in a neighborhood that I wouldn't want to be biking home alone at night in without a machete or handgun.
And what am I going to do to keep from freaking out? Good question:
  1. I will remember that I most likely have a month or two to find another job and a place to live.
  2. I will remember that I most likely got the job at Zales
  3. I will remember that AAS is coming, and that makes everything better
  4. I will remember that Uncle Oldman will help me out if I need it
  5. I will repeat my mantra, "Que sera sera"
  6. I will take things step-by-step
  7. I will take deep breaths
  8. When I start to freak out, I will take a break
  9. I will remember that God will provide me with a home when I need it.
I hope this will work. I hope things will turn out alright.