Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am so sick of not having friends.

I don't know that I have social anxiety exactly, but it is extremely hard for me to make friends. I am uncomfortable talking to strangers and making conversation with people I don't know. I work retail, so I have no problem talking to people, but I am uncomfortable coming up with subjects to talk about with people I know nothing about. When AAS and I moved up from Salem, we were optimistic about meeting people, both at work, and at our new hangouts. Problem is, we don't really have a hangout like we did in Salem at the Spur. All the country bars are too far away to drive to, and the one that is near is an older crowd that dances almost none of the dances that we know. As for work, I'm working at the store that I started at years ago, and I am not comfortable inviting people from work out to hang out in a social setting. AAS hasn't found a job yet, but stays home doing various household chores and cooking, so that's out. Anyway, my life has been reduced to reading, blogging, movies, and work. Near to no social life, aside from my mom, AAS, and my step-dad. So if you want to be my friend, leave a comment with your email. I promise to be a hoot. Not as much of a downer as this post makes me seem. :)