Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My! (Yes, there was just one tiger, and he was sleeping)

Alex and I went to the zoo today. I'm sure that we spent way too much money, but we got a good four hours of exercise in in the bright sunshine (Well, it was shining for the first hour anyway, which is about all you can ask for in the Pacific Northwest, especially in March). Luckily, I had the day off so I could enjoy it, another rarity for a sunny Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter. Generally speaking, good sales associates are in high demand on the weekends. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and saw all sorts of different animal, or "Aminals" as one woman (yes, a grown woman) called them. Way to encourage your child's vocabulary. I bet you say "Libary" too. I don't know that I have a bigger pet peeve than the mispronunciation of words, and I realize that makes me a bit of a hypocrite, because while I will never admit it to AAS, I have a slight problem with the words "salmonella" and "vicinity". But I'm working on it, okay?
Anyway, back to the zoo. Maybe it's that AAS and I never really grew up, but we really enjoy our trips to the zoo. We'll start out at the entrance with the map, giggling excitedly, and animatedly planning our route. Unfortunately, most zoos aren't arranged in a perfect circle, so we often find ourselves doubling back, because WE CAN'T MISS ANYTHING! Seriously. Honestly, there are so many animals that I can't say what my favorite is. I will push parents out of the way to see the different breeds of monkeys, press my little nose against the glass to watch the penguins swim, and trample small children to see the giraffes, elephants, and the big cats.
AAS really likes all the animals with the name dragon tacked on to the end. He's obsessed with dragons. He's got a collections of dragon figurines. If you even breathe the word dragon, he's there. So you can understand his excitement at the komodo dragons, bearded dragons, ect. He has also proclaimed that he loves the sloth bear, and the taiper. Check 'em out folks, they're cool animals.
***SPOILER ALERT*** This is where it starts to get emo, so if you're here for the humor, bugger off.
Towards the end of the day, AAS asked "Doesn't it feel good to take the full day off and not do any chores?" I answered yes, but in my head, I was thinking God, no. You see, when I take a day off to myself to not do anything but relax, hang out, read a good book, my mother, with whom we're currently living with (yeah yeah, I'm 22 years old and living with my mother. Get over it. Our economy sucks so much that I, having just graduated from a prestigious school with a psychology degree, can't get a job in my field, and all the other jobs don't pay enough to pay the bills. So yeah, I'm living with my parents), guilts the shit out of me when she gets home from her four to eight hour a week job for not doing any chores while taking a day off from my thirty-two to forty hour a week job. So any time I take a day to myself, I mentally prepare myself through the second half of the day for receiving the pissy third degree for all the dishes in the sink, and the floor not being vacuumed, essentially nothing done. Mom had even called this morning to tell me that she found ants in our room, that we possibly have rats, and that she hung up Alex's towel "so the door could close to keep the dogs out of our room" (not that they do any damage when they're in our room to begin with). Really, the truth is that she's so neurotic about the door molding. She's actually neurotic about a lot of things, like making sure everything, (and I do mean EVERYTHING, including all the stuff that normal people would leave plugged in, like the TV, and the lamps) is unplugged so there is no chance of fire, and locking both locks on the door, to prevent break-ins, regardless of whether someone is home, or anticipated home within the hour, and about the way the dishes go into the dishwasher, and keeping the shower curtain closed after all showers, ect. And AAS wonders where I get my OCD. Thanks Ma.
On an unrelated note, AAS and I had complimenting dreams a couple nights ago. He dreamed he left me for his two-bit whore, cheating ex-girlfriend, and I dreamed I called him a jerk (for something completely unrelated, but I thought it tied in well together.) Same night. No joke.