Tuesday, October 04, 2005

False Impressions

What do you do when you are led to believe something that is apparently untrue? You are led to believe by all evidence that this thing is true. All parties involved have body language telling you, Yeah, this is what we want. This is what's going to happen. And then they turn their backs. They tell you, "No, I don't really want this. Just like S.A. didn't want me to leave that night. And N.A. isn't looking for a girlfriend. C.G. says he didn't see any reason not to screw S.S. (except the obvious to the rest of us all). People who you think you can call your friends are constantly lying to you, hiding their true appearances, their true colors, their true thoughts. So what can you do to stop this deception? Absolutely nothing. You can't force your best friend to tell you what's going on at home. You can't make that cute senior like a lower classman like yourself. However, you can change your own life. You can stop pretending to be something you're not, start telling everyone how you really feel when they ask you, instead of just "fine." You can tell people the truth, not how they want to hear it, but how it really is. The only thing stopping you is the fact that you'll hurt their feelings. And you know, maybe you will, but I can guarantee that they would rather have injured emotions than be lied to. Believe it or not, we are all hiding behind masks. Masks that show us how others want to see us. Stop putting people under false impressions and start speaking the truth. Remove the mask that's hiding the real you and maybe, just maybe, our friends will remove their shields so we can see their face, scars and all. If someone takes the first step in becoming brutally honest, slowly, we will all have our secrets uncovered and have nothing left to hide.