Monday, January 18, 2010

Making a Difference Monday

...Alright, it was Sunday, but does it really matter what day I did it?
Now for the story:
We (being my mom and I) were driving back to Collegetown yesterday because I started school today. We were pulling off the freeway into Cousville when I saw a man sitting on a walker holding a sign that said something along the lines of "Homeless Vet". Well, there was a Safeway nearby, and as my readers know, I have a big heart for the homeless. While my mom was filling up the tank with gas, I walked over to Safeway, bought a box of cereal bars and a few bananas to give to the man. Mom wasn't quite finished at the pump, so I walked over to the old man.
The first thing I noticed was that his hands were shaking. I handed him the box of cereal bars, along with the bananas, and told him I thought he might need breakfast, then gave him ten dollars (the biggest bill in my pocket), to buy himself some lunch or dinner later that evening.
The old man took it and said "God bless you. Thank you."
I turned and walked away, wishing I could do more.


Carrie said...

:') What a great MaDM! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Also, it really doesn't matter what day the deed is done. The title of the meme comes from the day it's posted. Lol. ;)