Thursday, March 11, 2010

When pet peeves get you down, what do you do? That's right, you blog about them. This post is dedicated to pet peeves, and even though other people expressing pet peeves might be a pet peeve in and of itself, but I promise that you will commiserate, as well as add your own. On top of all that, I will make a post of things that I love some other time.

  1. People who have opinions so strong, that they don't let others with a separate opinion get a word in edgewise.
  2. Pointy faces that resemble rats. These people tend to be really snotty.
  3. Overarched, overshaped, overwaxed eyebrows.
  4. Bigots.
  5. People who are lazy with their spelling. (I'm talking about stuff like "i 8 diner alredy. r u going too the movies tonite?" Seriously, would it kill you to go back to elementary school and do the dumb spelling assignments where you had to write each word three times, only this time do it right and make it stick.)
  6. Grad school choices.
  7. Uggs. (The name says it all: "ugg")
  8. Pants tucked into boots. (Especially when paired with number 7. This fad is just dumb)
  9. Wearing nothing but tights or leggings as pants to class.
  10. Overly lazy people who want to get paid, or do get paid for doing nothing.
  11. People who text in class.
  12. Being put on the spot/having to give a public speech or presentation. (I failed the spelling bee. Twice. On the first word. All because I was nervous. Not because I was a number 5.)
  13. Having to put your finger in an empty lotion bottle to get the remains.
  14. Passive aggressive people who pose their requests as if they were your idea. "If you would like, you can make a pot of tea for me."
  15. Any tapping or repetitive motion, either regular or irregular.
  16. People who think they're right all the time. (These people are usually number 1's too)
  17. Wet shoes and socks that keep your feet cold.

Lately I've been making a lot of lists. I don't know what's going on, maybe I'm just compartmentalizing a lot of stuff. But I also have a list about badass movies that I want to add to my overly girlie collection, I have a list of top ten bands I want to see in concert, I have an ongoing list of things that I absolutely lovelovelove. All of these will be coming in due time. Yay!