Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's like Alex Hitchens says: "Any man has the opportunity to sweep any woman off of her feet. He just needs the right broom."
Has any guy ever considered the possible reasons why a woman wouldn't want to fall in love? Well, there are the obvious ones, like her career, another (fake) guy, or maybe it's just not a good time for her. But you know, the real reason runs deeper.
I can walk down Main street every day and count at least five couples holding hands, holding eachother or making out. Maybe not on the same streetcorner, but they're all there. Then I think about all those girls who are single, like me, who are lonely, unlike me, who are seeing these same couples, wishing, hoping, praying that they will find a guy like that. It doesn't matter whether the guy treats them like crap, just as long as they have something to do on a Friday night.
The truth of it is, women don't want to fall in love because of men themselves. I know from personal experience that it hurts to fall in love. Divorce rates are increasing, breakups are common, people are looking for their true loves, and sometimes they find them. But for most people, I don't think it exists. I think Mr. Right is a faulty character that women who don't know what they want, come up with just to have something to hope for.
The way I see it is, if a woman can work her way through college, find a well-paying job, be self-sufficient, and have a few true girlfriends (maybe a guy friend or two, as long as they don't fall in love with them), they are set for life. People come and go in your life and the best you can do is try not to get hurt. It's hard as hell but it can be done.

Now, let's look at it from the guy's point of view: he's out there, looking for a piece of ass, maybe to make a baby or two. Now, if he's a nice guy, he'll stay with his wife. The chances? Slim to none. There are a few good guys out there. And the assholes make it horrible for the good guys. They don't have a chance! If someone could tell me, please how a nice guy is going to sweep me off my feet after all the men in my life have hurt me, and make it convincing, I would be ready to try again. The most I give? One shot, then I'm done. If the men can't see the "Fuck off. I've been hurt too many times by other men just like you." stamped across my forehead, they must be blind.

The truth? Falling in love hurts too damn much too be worth it once you hit the very hard cement ground.


Anonymous said...

Omg you are so right!!! But not all men or boys are like that

Leif Bjornson said...

It's not all supposed to be like that, though fr some it is. I myself have watched my fellow males degrade and destroy our reputations. Though the truth is, we are all genetically stupid, thats never going to change. so to those who read this, and she whom wrote it. Don't waste time looking for a good man, just look for someone that you can possibly be happy with for a short period of time. I'm sorry to say this, but we males have destroyed any love there was left in the world. Don't let the wound go too deep Peanut.

Aphrodite's Disappointment said...

So Leif, what happens when you want someone to spend the rest of your life with? And do I know you?