Thursday, August 25, 2005

Work, The Crazies, and The Witnesses

So, I was on my way to work yesterday, after seeing a few of my friends at registration, and some little boy walks up to me in a nice, blue suit and tie, carrying an old, worn Bible and a piece of paper. I had my headphones on but when he approached me, I listened up. He started preaching to me about the end being near, the suffering is almost over. He even quoted Psalms out of the Bible. And this whole time I had two questions in my head: What religion are you and how old are you? Did I mention the fact that this boy looked to be younger than ten? He hands me the piece of paper and says, "Here's something for you to read on the bus," and walks away. I turn the paper over, hoping to find a sign of what religion the boy was and find the Jehovah's Witnesses address on the back.
Boy, do they train them young these days.
The ride in was uneventful. Thank God I didn't see my stalker.
After about an hour, I head into work. Like I had predicted, Kendra was working. Also as I predicted, I only had to work with her until five. That's five hours of my shift but I wasn't complaining because that's not a lot. Orlando was also there and we had a new girl named Alex, who, by being hired, had broken the name pattern. Listen to the names before Alex was hired: Vanessa (who quit two weeks after she was hired), Kendra, Delana, Jessica, Jessica (This isn't a typo. There are two Jessica's that work at this retail store), Tia, Zorah. Orlando is the only guy that works there so it's not a big deal. Then there are the managers: Stacey, Stephanie, Tami... notice the pattern yet?
But anyways, Tami gave me a surprise that day; I was getting register trained, which explained why Orlando and I were scheduled together. Zorah was coming in later but once she came in, Stacy got Orlando and I busy with the registers. Then Orlando proceeded to flirt with Zorah, yet it wasn't sickening, but insanely entertaining. Orlando left and Zorah took her lunch. That's when Stacey figured out that I am crazy. I started talking to her and myself and she could never tell when I was talking to her or myself. So she gave me a bunch of shit about it.
"What? Are you talking to me or to yourself?"
"I was talking to you Stacey. I'm not insane."
"Yeah. Whatever."
All this was said with smiles on our faces. Most people don't love work, but I think my coworkers and I all make it fun.