Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tons to Tell

Are you ready for this? Well, to begin with, I got kicked out of my father's house (a blessing in disguise). My mom found out about my back and neck hurting after I fell off a horse and she called up one of my friends in Moses Lake and requested that they take me to ER because she knows my father won't. So I go to ER, my mother drives the five hours to come and get me, Shane makes a scene in ER just before we leave and I forget a lot of stuff at my father's house, including my pictures from France. SUCKY. So I come back to the West side and I spend most of the next few days in a pill-induced coma and came to the realization that Vicoden gives you some extremely screwed up dreams. When I'm finally awake enough to call people, the first person I call is my soon-to-be boyfriend (not anymore) and I ask him if we're still planning to be together. He then goes on to explain that "shit happens", just as I thought would happen. That same day, I have an interview to go to at Eddie Bauer. The next day, Tami, one of the managers, calls me and tells me that they want to offer me a position, despite the interview that (I thought) sucked. The next day, Katie and I go to see "Must Love Dogs" and have a really good time. I start my new job as a sales associate the next day at 8:30am. I got grounded shortly after that for going to see Charles, Morgan, Shauna, and Jesse. On Saturday, the thirteenth, my grandma and I drive the piano back to her house and my mom and dad are already there. We bring the piano in and the next day pick up the stuff at my father's house that I left behind. We take off up to the pass and our car ends up overheating. Turns out that it blew a headgasket. Grandma and Grandpa catch up with us and call a tow truck to tow our car to Stanwood. I get home at ten pm and call Charles after checking my email.
We talk about a ton of sensitive subjects, some including, Shane, Tyler, Charles' relationship with Shauna, and our "relationship". He finally admitted to me that he likes me in the same way that I have liked him for four years. That's a 1/4 of my life! It's funny how fast things can change. Five days later, I am extremely angry with him and I call him up and start yelling at him about lying to me about what happened between him and Shauna in the park. I totally freaked on him, the poor guy. And when I broke down and started crying, man, I really must have scared him. We start talking civilly and I tell him through my continued tears that I just want it to stop hurting. He tells me that in six years, he'll come to find me so we can get married. He had told me in an earlier email that he loves me and I finally said it back to him. But you see, this love isn't the romantic kind. It's the kind that just tells someone that you're there for them... that you care. I worked last night and it was quite funny because Delana and I talked about a ton of stuff too. Like Shane, love, boys, and doing the right thing. I aquired a new nickname too: FRG (pronounced furggie). Fitting Room Girl. Hers is EeeeeOoooo for Easy One. She thinks I have turret syndrome. A couple weeks ago, Charles invited me to his brother's wedding. It's today and even if I could find a ride, I wouldn't go. I don't want to suffer watching Charles and Shauna grope eachother until dusk, while I sit, paired up with someone who's trying to grope me, whom I don't like. In other words miserable.