Thursday, May 04, 2006

Addressing Different Issues

Firstly, I successfully accomplished giving blood for the third time today, something that I have feared doing for the longest time because I can't stand the thought of having needles or any other foreign object inserted into my skin. However, the P.S. Blood Clinic employees made it easy and worthwhile. They always greet you with some kind of joke, or ask you about your life. These are people who have donated before and know how nerve-racking it can be. I found out that my blood type is O positive and knowing that my mother's is O negative, I want to find out what kind of blood my father has, just for biology's sake. Things like blood typing interest me.
So here I sit, typing this post, awaiting the next big event: my birthday, which just happens to be this Saturday. I really don't want to be getting older. I know that it's inevitable, but I just wish I could delay my aging and stay this age for a little while. This year's been fun, and the drama level has gone through a dramatic decreases since the time that I was fifteen. To celebrate, after S.H. gets home from Arizona and I return from K.K.O.S. we'll be going paintballing.
Another thing I must address is the reason why I use my friends' and family members' initials instead of their real names. I know that whatever sense of anonymity that I think I have would go down the drain if I revealed the people I associated with. I also try to respect the privacy of my friends, and I find that the most accurate and least confusing way to do this is through using their initials, because they can't just be left out of my life.


Jeff Crowder said...

Happy belated birthday.