Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm Trying To Forget That I'm Addicted To You

I admit, I am an addict.

McDonald's fries - People say that these are so soggy with grease and have layers upon layers of salt on them, but I think that they are delicious.

Music - Depending on my mood, I love all kinds of music. It provides the soundtrack to my life. When I get home, I turn on the radio instead of the T.V. It keeps me company.

Raspberry Buttercreams from See's Candy Store - Chocolate. 'Nuff said.

Really Good Books, Sometimes Classics - Some people where I live wouldn't know what kind of experience I was talking about when I described the feeling of climbing into my bed with a book that I get caught up in reading. Oftentimes, those nights end as far into the night as I can manage to stay awake, or early in the morning. My mother is the same way.

Talking On The Phone - This one is kind of inevitable, seeing as I am conducting something similar to a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. Without the phone, we wouldn't survive as a couple as neither one of us drives yet.

Laughing - They say that laughter is the best medicine and that it keeps you healthy. If this is true, then my friends and I have to be the healthiest people on the planet. My laughter is contagious and all one has to do to get me to laugh is say something so random, it's funny.

The Country of France - I am currently in the process of concluding my fourth semester of French at my high school. I love the language and having been to France in the summer of 2005, I want to live there and teach English as a second language. My two grandmothers are afraid that I'll move over there, meet a sexy French man, get married and never return. My mother, on the other hand, is all too excited that she'll have a killer vacation spot when she gets sick of her life in the States.

Moulin Rouge - This movie was not only based in France, but also used some non-fictional characters in the making, including (but not limited to): Toulouse-Lautrec, Nini Legs-In-The-Air, Môme Fromage (The Cheese Kid (I think that's how it's spelled)), and Charles Zidler (known as Harold Zidler in the movie). The elephant that Satine conducted all of her love affairs in also existed, although it served as an opium den as well as a smaller dance floor. Fictional it may be, along with many of it's components, I absolutely adore this film.

Snowboarding - Yes, I accept the fact that this is a winter sport and it is now May. However, I just can't put my snowboard away yet. I'm not ready for summer to come. This explains why I haven't yet taken my two quilts off of my bed yet and instead, sleep with the window open.

And Last But Maybe Not Least:
Blogging - Instead of pouring my heart out in a journal, I keep this blog, remaining fairly close to anonymous, except for those who I gave the URL to. This allows me to vent my frustrations with no chance of my father finding it and knowing who I am.


Old Man Crowder said...

That's quite the list of addictions. Glad to see that laughter and Mickie D's made the list, as those are two of my own "flaws".

I've been to France and can tell you that there are worse places to dream about! Loved Provence.

Jeff Crowder said...

I see my brother (Old Man Crowder) is following my links and people who comment.

I've realized that I'm addicted to chocolate. At my desk at work, I have a secret stash of chocolate which I nibble on. But then by Sunday I'm craving chocolate because I don't keep any in the house. I'll have to see if I can go without any chocolate for a week.

Jeff Crowder said...

No more blogging?

Kristin said...

well i didnt wanna go because of Michael but i went and it turns out i had the most fun out of everyone i know :-p gay guys are the greatest

mcdonalds fries own at life