Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bucket List

A.K.A. My Life's To Do List
This is a project that I did with my class in high school, and I've kept the list, and mentally added things to it here and there. So here is the original list, and as I remember the things that I mentally added, I will add those as well.

  1. Attend Haverford Willamette University.
  2. Teach in France
  3. Grow my hair out (I wish there was a way to double-cross this out, I've done it several times now.)
  4. Graduate from high school
  5. Graduate from college
  6. Go skydiving
  7. Visit England
  8. Excommunicate my father (this one isn't something I'm proud of, but I have my reasons)
  9. Change my name
  10. Visit Paris again
  11. Track down Fanny Dore
  12. Complete 2 out of 3 AP classes with at least a B (Not to brag, but I ended up with all A's in those classes)
  13. Do a board grab off a jump while snowboarding
  14. Take a photography class
  15. Have a child
  16. Marry a man who is good for me
  17. Get contacts
  18. Contact Wayne and Judy (Paris)
  19. Buy a car
  20. Get my license
  21. Write a book
  22. Visit Italy
  23. Read the Bible from cover to cover
  24. See part of the Iditarod race
  25. Meet someone famous
  26. Go to Creation West at the Gorge
  27. Ski at Chamonix
  28. Gallop on a horse without falling off
  29. Run on a daily basis (for a summer)
  30. Visit 25 states (I have five under my belt at the moment)
  31. Get a breast reduction
  32. Drink green tea daily for 6 months
  33. Snowboard until I am physically unable to (age-wise)
  34. Live in a city
  35. Eat dinner in the Space Needle
  36. Meet "The Waiter" (
  37. Visit Switzerland
  38. Eat frog legs
  39. Go snorkeling
  40. Hit a hacky sack five times, consecutively
  41. Read Anna Karenina, and all the other books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet.
  42. Ace my chem. final (this was in high school)
  43. Learn to speak Italian
  44. Do as many of the "100 Funnest Things to do at Walmart" before I get kicked out.
  45. Tell my father a very bad thing
  46. Take a road trip
  47. Learn to play piano better
  48. Buy a grand piano
  49. Buy a big house for my piano
  50. Somehow connect the poems for my English final
  51. Study in a foreign country (probably won't happen)
  52. Rent a limo
  53. Write 200 posts on my blog (I'm on my way!)
  54. Be quoted
  55. Snowboard at Chamonix
  56. Snowboard at Whistler
  57. Snowboard at Big White
  58. Take my little sister (the older of the two) snowboarding
  59. Moon someone
  60. Go skinny-dipping
  61. Make a will
  62. Get an iPod
  63. Keep up on homework this semester (this is an ongoing endeavor)
  64. Keep up on workload Senior year (this was finished then, but I start Senior year next year too, so I won't cross it off)
  65. Go to Disneyland
  66. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  67. See the Book of Kells
  68. See the Great Wall of China
  69. Walk up the steps of the Eiffel Tower
  70. Elope, or have a big wedding
  71. Learn a new word every day (for one year)
  72. Apply to Haverford University
  73. Choose and apply to grad schools
  74. Move in with AAS
  75. Try a bizarre food, other than frog legs
  76. Work at a boulangerie
  77. Participate in the Penguin Dip, in Clear Lake, WA
  78. Go on a cruise
  79. Sleep naked under the stars
  80. Pick out my burial plot
  81. Go to dinner with CR
  82. Get my tongue pierced
  83. Get my tattoo for Cass
  84. Send myself flowers
  85. Date a French guy
  86. Sleep next to a man I love
  87. Visit Scotland
  88. Major in French



  89. Have my portrait drawn
  90. Visit Denmark
  91. See the Grand Canyon at sunrise
  92. 15 hours of community service
  93. 20 hours of VisComm (another high school thing)
  94. Apply for Best SELF job (I got this one)
  95. Move out
  96. Montana trip with Grandma
  97. Sing karaoke
  98. Get streaks in my hair
  99. Yodel in Switzerland
  100. Drive my kids nuts, like my mom did to me
  101. Get the internship with the DA (I have an interview on Thursday)
  102. Conduct a research project
  103. Spend two months backpacking around the world
  104. Have a post card that I sent to PostSecret published, either on the website, or in the book.
  105. Experience Holi in India, even though I am not Muslim or Hindu.
  106. Have fun at Fete de la Musique in France one year.
  107. Buy a mask for Carnivale in Venice
  108. Graduate from grad school
  109. Get a kick ass job as an attorney, a mediator, or a clinical psychologist.
  110. Go speed dating.
Warning: some of these are no longer relevant
Date a French guy—This is irrelavent. I am currently with the most wonderful guy in the world, who complements all my bad qualities with all his good ones, and loves me just the way I am. I don't want anything else.
Go to dinner with CR—This one has been removed because it is no longer possible. I met CR when I was a sophomore in high school. When I met him, he had just signed up for the military, and was getting ready to head off to Marine boot camp. He had just finished dating this girl, KW, and his hanging out with me made her jealous, to the point of calling me a whore (I never slept with him, or anybody for that matter. She just didn't like the fact that he had kissed me. Once). Anyway, so he went to boot camp, and I wrote him six or seven letters while he was there, and he called me as soon as he got out. When he wrote to me, several times, he mentioned taking me to dinner so I could meet his brother, showing me that he was alright with commitment. However, when he got home, he was very non-committal, and I essentially had to force him to pin down a date that we would do something romantic together. Dinner, a movie, breakfast, whatever. So, we had breakfast, and I was under the impression that we were dating, since he was back, and we had been before he left. Nope. The same day that we went on a "date" (the breakfast date), I found out that he had "cheated" on me (He slept with his ex before he even tried to contact me to let me know he was in town. (There's lots of angsty poetry about it on my blog in places. Check it out. Or not. It really isn't that good. Anyway, back to the story). As a result of sleeping with this girl, he sired a son. Less than a year later, he committed suicide. I found out over the phone.
Get my tongue pierced—I don't really want to do this anymore. I think this was a teenage thing, and since Cass died, I would much rather get the drawing that I designed in her memory tattooed on me. I thought this was going to happen for my birthday, but it turns out that this internship (mentioned above) is unpaid, and as a result, I won't have the money to do it this year. Maybe I'll get it done on the five year anniversary of her death.
Apply to Haverford University—This was originally my top choice in schools, but I never actually applied to it because I got hooked on another school before the deadline and completely lost interest in Haverford. Besides, aside from the fact that I don't really fit at Willamette, I'm pretty happy there, and I like Salem well enough.
Learn to play piano better—I started taking lessons in 6th grade after I started teaching myself. My father and stepmother decided I needed lessons. When I went back to live with my mom, well, she was a single, low-income mom, which isn't to say that she was a bad mom, because I think that God saddled us together because she's the best I could have gotten (meaning there are no others like her, which I'm sure is the truth). Anyway, because she was a single mom who didn't make much, she couldn't afford for me to continue in piano. No big deal. While I liked playing an instrument, I didn't care for it THAT much and I don't really miss practicing.
Buy a grand piano—Again, what would I use it for?
Buy a big house for my piano—This, I think, was mainly for the prestige. I'd rather have a small cottage. Easier to clean.

Anyway, I have an interview for that internship on Thursday. Wish me luck, and if you're religious, pray that God puts me where I need to be. Also, I have a test on Monday, and found out last Friday that I got an 87.5% on a test in my stats class (the mean was 83, I think). It's been a good week.


Carrie said...

Wow! You have quite a few of these accomplished! Well done. :)

Thanks so much for adding your link!