Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Time Wasted

Four and one quarter years gone
And I'm finally moving on.
One million chances
Have been given.
One million tears
Have been cried.
I've lost a companion
And so much more.
But was he ever sincere,
Did he ever really care?
My tunes will help me through
Remembering the times
He treated me like nothing.
Yet I stayed with him.
He became my best friend.
A million more chances were granted.
It ended on a horrible note.
I think he lied.
I'm convinced that he lied.
But he doesn't lie,
He simply deceives.
He gave me false hopes,
Kept my dreams afloat.
A phone call, an email
Angry words fill a page.
My pen's finally writing the truth.
Words become increasingly angry
On my part and on his.
A conversation meant for paper
Ends in harsh tones of voice.
I need someone in my corner.
The salt stains my paper;
One million one, one million two,
One million three, one million four.
Soon I'll be done crying.
Soon I'll be done remembering.
Soon I'll be done waiting.
Soon I'll be done taking risks
Because they always let me down
As their grand finale.
And these four years wasted?
They won't matter anymore
Because I'll have finally moved on.

I really should have listened to my mom: I do deserve someone better.


cheesemeister said...

Yeah, but it's hard to see the truth when you so much want things to work.
Nice poetry. Keep writing!