Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Grounded, and for Stupid Reason

Let me just say this: I hate being grounded. What I was grounded from kind of defeats the purpose anyways. I got home one night about eight and my mom says, "Where have you been?" even though I had told her the night before that I was planning to hang out with C.R. and get my bus ticket to visit S.A. After we did a price check on bus tickets, C.R. insisted that he take me to get something to eat. On the way to this place, we came across his cousins, to whom he introduced me as his girlfriend, for the pure interest in my reaction. I had none until later, but that is not relevent to this story. Jerry's, the place that we were going to eat, had two burritos left. Lucky us. So we take off to C.R.'s aunt's house and hang out there for awhile. The evening progresses and I find myself in a strange woman's house, playing with her children, and at the same time, telling C.R. that I'm ready to leave him there because I'll be grounded if I don't get home soon. He finally tells his family goodbye and we catch SKAT home. As he's getting off, he says, "Call me when you get home." I agree to call and then I get home, only to find my mom pissed off, sitting on the couch, ready to ground me for one of the three weeks that C.R. has left here before he leaves for boot camp. 3x7= 21 days left. 21-6 days that I have to visit my father= 15 days left. 15-7 days that I was grounded for= 8 days left. 8-7 that he will have to spend doing Marine stuff= 1 day. I have one day left to spend with him, simply because my mom forgot where I said I was going. I didn't have access to a phone at his cousins house, because if I did, I would have called her. But, now it's over and I'm free again. Praise the Lord!