Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Need Some Advice From Those Who Still Read

I had people talking to me last night, trying to convice me that their way is the right way to go, religiously. I disagree with some things that their church teaches, therefore, I do not take communion there, or pray the prayers that they have raised their children with. Yet they argue with me on who is right and who is wrong, trying, it feels, to change the way I think to the way that they think, to change the belief system that I have been raised with. What should I do, what should I say to them?


Jeff Crowder said...

That's a tough question. I often struggle with religion because I question how something that has the power to do such good, can cause so much hate (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or whatever). Almost every war or human attrocity can be linked back to a religous zealot.

I would tell them that I am chosing to live my life and raise my kids to do what is right, to do no harm, to have more understanding and compassion towards those they don't understand. Just because I don't believe the same way they do, doesn't make me a bad person. It just means I think for myself.

dlennman said...

What specifically are they saying?

Aphrodite's Disappointment said...

You know the differances between the Lutheran religion and the Catholic religion? Well, they are Catholic, I'm Lutheran, and they are trying to use other books that interpret Bible passages in a different way. Like purgatory, why we pray to Mary when she can't hear us, mass for the dead, how the eucharist is really only Christ's body and blood (vs. Lutheran's belief and biblical eveidence that it is both a symbol and Christ's body and blood). Little things like that. Besides, they aren't allowing me to see one of my best friends because they "don't like her attitude" (and because she is the one who took me to the hospital, but this remains denied when I bring it up). Uncle Dan, I hate it here and I just want to come home. Mom says to try to stick it out for the last few days but I have the money in my wallet for the bus ticket, I just need a way to get out of the house without getting caught.

dlennman said...

Yes Precious, you are right and they are wrong. I know it's hard and I know you are strong. Listen to your Mother. Isn't she usually right? I am proud of who you are.
Thinking about and praying for you.
Love, Uncle Dan

NeverEnough said...

You seem to be a very intelligent, strong willed woman, so I think you know already that you are right. Explaining your decisions to other people - well, that's the hard part. Just have faith and pray for the wisdom to say the right things.

cheesemeister said...

I'm such a religious liberal that my name is in the Fundamentalist Christian dictionary under the definition of "Heretic!"
Truly, what I believe is that if you're doing right by others and being kind, you're on the right path no matter what the religion. You can't let anyone else define what is right for you.