Monday, December 12, 2005

Race Mixing

I have a friend who is planning to go into the Marines. He is leaving this town the third day of the year 2006. He is insanely handsome, kind of tall, has an awesome sense of humor, and happens to be attracted to me. My feelings are likewise. Oh, and one more thing... He's black. African-American. Negro.
He and I are pretty into each-other, however, some people (namely my biological father) object to people of mixed races to be together. Needless to say sarcastically, I am SOOO excited to tell S.A. about C.R. I already have his predicted reaction playing through my head; "He's black?!? You're dating a nigger?!?" My mother doesn't really care. She, like her parents, has taught me that the Constitution is correct: all men are created equal. What difference is there between us except for the fact that his body produces a bit more melanin than mine does?
If I still have my readers, I would really appreciate your opinions on this issue of race-mixing. Is it wrong? What are the logical reasons that a white girl shouldn't be with a black boy? And vice-versa? What are the logical reasons that they should? I know what I think is right but, as always, I would really like to see another's point of view, especially if it is opposing mine.


cheesemeister said...

Some things sure do take a long time to change. I once asked my parents what they'd do if I dated a black guy. It was ok to be friends with black people, in their view, but mixing races was bad. For some reason Latino would have been acceptable, but not black.
Personally I don't care what color the person my son marries is. I just want her to be good to him!

Chantel Marquis said...

My parents are the same. They don't condone mixing races but then again, aren't we all a little bit of everything anyways? Just being an American is being mixed. Not one person I know is truly one race or another. Even black people aren't entirely black nowadays. Irish, Mexican, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Scottish, Finnish, Creole, Jamacian, South African, Kenyan. No one really knows for sure. I say, give everyone a chance. Whatever makes you happy is worth trying once.
Just wanted to send ya a comment. You commented on mine, figured I would say hi anyways. Nice blog. Lots of good stuff:)

Jeff Crowder said...

I say go for it. My best friend (White, Christian) married a Brown Muslim girl. She's fantastic. His parents have accepted her, but her parents are not quite as receptive.

People who are against race mixing seem to be from the older generation. As time goes by, there will be fewer and fewer people who care what colour your spouse is, so I say go for it. In 20 years no one will care. Your happiness is what is at stake. If they don't like it, move to Canada. We like everyone.