Thursday, December 01, 2005


So today, during fourth period, we were just sitting in class, minding our own business, when suddenly a student looked out the window and exclaimed, "It's snowing!" It was only a few flakes, and they weren't even sticking, yet everyone flocked to the windows immediately, almost as if it were the second coming of Christ. Although we may be in high school, that doesn't take away the amazement and wonder that we express at the first snowfall of the season. I guess that it helps that we were in math class, allowing the unique shapes of the flakes to be ingrained in our brains. M.V. started singing Christmas carols, I started getting REALLY excited, and for the rest of the period, none of us could pay much attention. It's a good thing that we had already learned how to do most of the stuff. I think that it is completely and utterly astounding that every snowflake is different. As the period went on, the snowfall became heavier and heavier, the snowflakes getting bigger and bigger, and yet, they still weren't sticking, to the dismay of a certain individual who just happens to be writing this article. When I got home from school, T.L. told me that the snow isn't going to stick, yet by the hour, it has gotten deeper and deeper. I keep praying for a snow day so I can ride up to Baker or Stevens with one of my friends and practice my snowboarding skills. Those of you who know me, I know why you're laughing. As for those who don't, I suck at snowboarding and everyone knows it. Yet I keep trying, continuing to fall, simply because I love the snow. I hope all you guys out there who are reading this, stay in touch with your inner child and do something you love to do with that same childish enthusiasm that my classmates and I showed earlier today.