Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lessons in Compassion

The Lord sent my mom and I a gift and a lesson at the same time on Friday night. Mom had come to pick me up from work at 10:30pm and we were driving home, heading towards the back roads. Just before we reach the railroad tracks, the arms came down and the lights were flashing, the tell-tale signal that a train is on it's way. The train gets halfway past us when it stops, dead in the middle of the road. After sitting there for about five minutes, we realized that this train wasn't moving anytime too soon. So mom flipped a U-turn and we head back through town. As we're passing a local grocery store, my mother, all of a sudden, yells, "Oh my gosh, a kitten!" and swings the car into the parking lot of said grocery store. I jumped out of the car and ran to pick the kitten up. His hind legs pathetically hung limp. As we drove home, the kitten purred the whole way. Mom and I both believed that we would have to euthanize this cat, that it wouldn't get a second chance at life, so when we arrived at the house, Mom layed some towels in an old dog carrier and we placed the cat in it, leaving the cage on the table so my dog would leave it alone. After I had gone to work the next morning, I forgot about the kitten for a short period of time, that is until my mom came to pick me up again. My day was rolling along wonderfully and I was telling my mother about it when she told me that Chance, or so she had named him, had a second chance at life. Neither one of us did anything with that cat, thinking that we would end up taking care of him in the end. Mom knows that God put Chance on that street corner, knowing that we would pull over, intending for us to learn that our compassion must not have conditions. We must show love and care for everybody and everything that might come our way, whether their social standing is less, they are of a different race, or are quite shabby looking. I know that I learned a lesson last night and I hope to recieve more like it.


cheesemeister said...

That's great--may he continue to thrive!