Tuesday, December 27, 2005

January Cannot Come Fast Enough

I am so psyched for January! I mean December is great and everything, the end of a year, Christmas, so on and so forth, but for me, January is moving on, a chance to begin again. January weekends also bring me to the mountain for powder snowboarding, and more crashes and burns. But, hey, that's what makes it fun. January is the end of the hectic holiday shopping that occurs around Christmas. It's the end of the first semester at my school. It signifies the passing of time and reminds me of how quickly time really does pass. Here I am, getting nostalgic. Well, let's just say I've screwed up a lot this year, more than any other I think, and I desperately need a second chance (actually, more like a sixteenth chance). I've lost friends that I would have rather not lost, I've gained friends that I would probably be better off without, I've made mistakes that a typical teenage girl makes, and this year, although I may not disclose my resolutions to you as I am not totally anonymous, I am going to try my best to keep them. Oh, and another reason why January is great is the twenty-sixth marks a full year of blogging for me (not including deleted posts). I originally started this thing up so that my sister and I could talk without being eavesdropped on by our over-the-top control freaks that we call our parents. She never got the hang of how to post and since she never read, I changed my log on and password. I don't know if she reads now but back when I first began blogging, my posts really sucked. That's why some of them are deleted. When I go back and read what I've written in the past, I see how naiive I was and I can predict that I will sound just as naiive to myself in another year when I look back at this post. Well, I pray that this New Year can be prosperous for all, and that I will have the strength not to go back on my resolutions.