Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Breakfast at the Bakery

I knew it was going to go badly... I had a premonition that things weren't going to go smoothly from the moment I got to his house. Knock, knock, knock. Three hard taps and no answer. Knock, knock, knock. Gone again. Having aquired blisters on my feet from the shoes that I haven't broken in yet, I slipped them off and walked around downtown for about a half an hour, checking back chez lui to see if he'd returned yet. Finding the door open, I trudge up the front walk, shoes in hand. Seeing me, C.R. gets off the couch and meets me at the door with a hug. "Did you go to the wrong place?" he asked. I told him that I had been looking for him when I didn't find him at his house. So we take off to a little bakery down the street after he grabs his new phone, something that he's "supposed to have with him at all times" so the military can track where he is, whether the phone is on or off. He didn't turn it off for me though. No, instead it beeped all the way to the bakery and through breakfast. At one point, he got a text message that said, "We're going to Mount Baker. Wanna come? Too bad, you don't have a choice," followed by a time that the sender would pick him up. After we were through with breakfast, his damned phone rang again. This time, it was his buddy, Robert, calling to tell him that he was at his house, waiting to play video games. C.R. pays, and we take off once again, back to his house. After we arrived, C.R. plops down onto the couch, and doesn't acknowledge me again. C. and R. beat the game and C.R.'s family comes home. They play for about a half hour, and his slutty ex-girlfriend shows up. Turns out that she was the mystery person who had texted him at breakfast. Great.
Flashback: He'd been looking for his dogtags all morning.
Out of the blue, he asks her if she has them. Her reply? "Yes."
She waited there in the doorway for about fifteen minutes until he starts to get ready to go. The two of us were in the process of making plans to go to dinner with his brother and I tried to get his attention to have him call me with the verdict. No such luck. He thought that it was her talking and says, "Okay, we're going!" Everything just finally hit me, causing me to realize that I mean nothing to him. Needless to say, I opened the door, calmly. Walked out, calmly. Closed the door, calmly. Walked down the sidewalk, calmly. And once I was off his property, I calmly kicked off my shoes and ran. He never followed me.