Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dearest Daddy Doesn't Desire Dinner

Today was a irritable day. I rolled out of bed this morning, taking my quilt with me, which really wasn't a bad way to start off the morning. I showered and dressed, hoping to catch the next city bus downtown but I was running a little late, and didn't make it. So, I'm stuck hoofing it through the rain, down to Woodfest to get some used books. For twenty-five cents apiece, who could resist? Luckily, just as I was turning the corner, SKAT was picking up passengers at the end of the next street, and heading my way. Not only that, but there was a bus stop less than fifty meters away. So I take off at a dead sprint, racing the bus like my life depended on it. I mean, I was drowning in the torrential rain as it was. The merciful bus driver pulled up along the curb, recognizing a poor teenage girl who looked like someone had thrown water at her.
So I returned my CD at Target and managed to get home at about 11:00 after buying my books and picking up the mail, containing nothing of interest except the carabiner key chain from come college.
Almost right after I got home, I get a call from S.A. telling me that he wasn't going to come up to dinner. No, instead they had already picked a restaurant out of the Tukwilla phone book. Ha ha, and get this... they probably picked it because of the name: The Rainforest Café. And the only thing that would have changed their minds about coming up here was if there was one near me. Just before he hung up, S.A. told me to check around the area to see where the closest one was. Let me tell you this: I have lived in this Valley for eight years and am as familiar with the places and sights as I am the scars on my knees. There is not a Rainforest Café anywhere near here. I guess it's a good thing that I'm going snowboarding tomorrow. I can ride hard and sweat all this crap out of my system.
For now, I can put them off, and not visit them in their little town, while making plans behind their backs to visit my friends and my sister over summer vacation. Oh yeah, and one more thing... Twenty-four hours later, I'm still waiting for the call back from C.R. who promised me that he would "call me later".