Sunday, April 30, 2006

Odd Dreams

I honestly don't know what brings these things into my head at night, but sometimes I have these really psychotic dreams. Here's one from the other night, and I guess what the strangest thing was, was my reaction. I would have never laughed.

Picture: a house near a street with a lot of neighbors, and with enough room to have many trees as well as a workshop next to the house. The night that I was there, there was a party going on. We aren't talking about a teenage drinking party where the music is loud and the neighbors call the police within the first hour. No, the party that I was at included mostly adults, a few young children and a witch, a bit like a July barbecue. I just happened to be sitting next to the witch on the couch and she started telling me that she liked using rocket fireworks instead of the old fashioned brooms. She took one out of her jacket/cloak, and handed it to me, explaining that, in order to use it, you have to hit the pointy end on the ground, then flip it over and hit the other end on the ground as the rocket is expanding. So I took this firework outside and did what she said, and just as she promised, it worked. Immediately after the rocket was out of sight, the mother of the household let out the family puppy, something that looked kind of like a beagle, only it was black. The beagle and I were just sitting there on the porch, looking kind of pathetic, because I didn't know anyone and he was just a little puppy, waiting to be let inside. Neither of us was making any noise but the door to the shop behind me opened and this boy stood there, letting the dog in, and silently, inviting me in, too. So I pick myself up and go into the shop, noticing first the concrete floor, and second all the old fashioned knives that looked like they could have been from the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries. I asked the boy, "What's with the knives?" He told me that he loves old things like that, and hates to see them die out, so he makes them and collects them. It was then that I noticed all the equipment and tools in the room.

Time warp: I'm in the same shop, sitting on the couch on the far end with the little black puppy. The witch had given me another rocket, which I held on my lap. The neighborhood is burning down; every house is on fire, including the one that I started in. The shop is the only fire-proof building nearby. The boy comes bursting through the door, and I calmly shut it behind him. He yells at me, "What are you doing?!? Now my family can't get in and they are all going to die in the fire!" And you know what I did? I laughed. I don't know why, and I didn't know the family or the boy. I had no clue who they were, and yet I laughed at the thought of their skins burning off.

I think that there is something incredibly wrong with me.