Saturday, April 08, 2006

Painting in Words

I have never possessed fantastic drawing abilities. When I was younger, my mother and I took drives with our pencils and notepads, looking for a good spot to draw. One day, we stopped at the river and she came back with an excellent piece of art, whereas I came back with a bunch of circular markings that held little resemblance to the sandbar that I was attempting to capture on paper.
The other day, I sat on the bus, not really paying attention to anything, when this man (about 20-30) got on. Nothing new, right? This young man plopped himself down on the seat and immediately removed some charcoal and a notebook, as well as various other papers. Shuffling his papers until he found the one he wanted, he flipped to an empty page and promptly started to draw the figure from the loose page he was studying. His drawings, although they were of cartoon characters, were of amazing quality; the man had skills. He continued this process of selecting a loose page and drawing for the remainder of the trip, which was about a half hour long. In that half hour, this guy managed to crank out five to ten drawings.
And as I was sitting there thinking that the man could become a cartoonist, or an animator, it hit me: this man shows the world what he sees through his drawings and cartoons. He illustrates his surroundings to show others his view from the looking glass and, like him, I do the same thing with my writing. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but words can do the same as a picture. I try hard to vividly describe my world to the people who read my writing. Another thought that came to mind was the fact that, the possibilty and chance of this man becoming an artist (be it a graphic artist, a video game artist, a painter, or a cartoonist), I have the same potential to become a writer.