Friday, April 14, 2006

Mail Time!

For those of you who have kids who are of a young age, you might recognize the "Mail Time" song if someone was humming the tune. The majority of my friends have little brothers and sisters who watch Blues Clues, as do I. This song literally causes happiness in everyone at getting the mail, making us believe that, today, there might be something good for us. Why else would my little cousins K.Z. and J.Z. argue about who brings the mail into the house? As a teenager, I rarely get anything exciting in the mail. For the past three months, I have been receiving letters from a not-so-special someone that I freaked out about (in a good way of course). Now all I get is the occasional college solicitation and card from Grandpa and Grandma (not that they aren't special).
So you can imagine my surprise at finding the little note in our inbox today, stating that I had a package to pick up. Hmm... wonder who it's from. Seeing as it's close to Easter, I have a pretty good guess. Besides the fact, B.A. called the other day to get my new address so she could send it to me. Yes ma'am, that's right. It was from my father. The box contained all sorts of goodies as well as a card saying that they couldn't wait to see me, that they missed me, and other cliched phrases. Oh yeah, and they love me. As I sat on the bus reading this card, I thought to myself, Ha! If they loved me, heck, if they knew me, they would know that I couln't be bribed. Pretty close to repulsion, I set the card back in the box, and don't plan to read it again. I don't really even want the goodies. I mean, breath freshener? Are they trying to tell me something?
And you would think that if they plan to send me a package, they would send my Christmas gift, too. No such luck. They still hoard it at their house, holding it over my head, trying to make me jump to get it. Sorry guys. If you aren't willing to give it, then I don't want it.