Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Screenplay Writing, Directing, Acting, Filming, Editing, and Producing

Filming for my music video began today. The song is Nickelback's Photograph. About a week ago, I started thinking about what I could do for my video project in Mr. MC. class. This video isn't really even close to being school related, but he said I film it anyways. Well, when I began to think about this project, I had a few good ideas, but most of them were crap. Now, I have all my lyrics and all my scenes written down so that I know exactly what and when I'm filming. The filming started tonight and my only thought on the matter is that it is very difficult to make a movie when you are the only one doing everything for that particular scene. Man, I had to move all the furniture out of my room... well, into a corner, at least. I had to queue the music, film, and act, all at the same time! Difficult! But I'm almost done for tonight. I have one more scene to film, but I'm going to have T.L. help me do it, (or at least watch the camera). It's going to be an awesome video, and if I can figure out how to post it here, I'll do it.


Kristin said...

I agree that change is inevitable, but I like to think that the people who truly matter will be there always. Wishful thinking, perhaps... but that is me. Forever the wishful thinker.

Congratulations on starting your video :). Good luck with it.

You can try (i think that's the site) to get it on the internet.