Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Letters From My Ideal Vacation Spot

No, it's not Mexico. It's not the Caribbean. My little vacation spot doesn't even show up in the guide books. It's a little town called Donzère, existing cozily next to the Rhône river, in the west region of France. It's the kind of town that my friend would call a sneeze town (sneeze and you miss it). It's a beautiful place, with many things to see if you look hard enough. Everybody knows everybody to the point that you could walk down the street and say "Bonjour!" to everyone. I love places like this. I came across this little nook in the world during a trip to France last summer. I stayed with a French family for a week and got to know them all quite well. Two of my host sisters spoke English, as did the mother. The one that I knew best did not, of course, and so whatever we did, she would always ask the English word for it. When we played games, she would say "Encore? Qu'est-ce que le mot en anglais? and I would reply, telling her that it was "again." After receiving a letter from her towards the end of last summer, I tried to reply, but I guess my letter didn't get to her. Or her reply didn't get to me. Whatever the case, I tried to write again, through her sister's email, and when she didn't respond, I wrote another letter. The last letter went out about two weeks ago, and today, as I was getting the mail, I pulled a red, blue, and white striped envelope from the 3" by 3" mailbox. In seeing the stamp and the PAR AVION air mail sticker in the margin, I knew right away who it was from. I got updates on F.D.'s family and she asked me to come visit her this summer. I don't think that I can raise enough money by the time August rolls around, but I can certainly try. Who knows, peut-être ça va avec mes parents.


Jeff Crowder said...

I love taking vacations where the majority of people never go or don't even know of.

Bonne chance avec l'argent!

Molly said...

Sounds like a wonderful place.

My ideal spot is somewhere off the grid too...I just haven't found it yet.