Friday, April 07, 2006

Sweet Revenge

I feel really good about myself. In a few simple words, my self-esteem was raised from a level zero, to a level ninety-five on a scale of one to one hundred.
When C.R. skipped out on a meeting for me to explain my anger with him, I was pissed. I decided not to give him another chance... ever. And, oh, how ironic, I saw him at the mall on the way home. Shocking! Oh, and guess who he was with? His prostitute of an ex-girlfriend! Disturbing!
So, my brain jumped to the fight or flight response that a person experiences when they're nervous and at first I thought I wanted to hide, so I ran into the nearest bookstore; someplace that his Neanderthal brain couldn't possibly handle. Then I think, Wait a minute... Why am I hiding from him? He should be hiding from me. That being thought, I turned around and walked right back out and through the double doors marking the exit to the mall. He followed, about a minute behind. I'm headed over to Target, and then another thought occurred to me: I still have his guitar pick, and I really don't want to keep anything of his. Again, I turned around and walked right back to him.
Taking the guitar pick from my hand, he asked, "Did you buy this, or is it from a long time ago?" I replied with my own version of the latter.
He further explained that he didn't know whether he was supposed to meet me or whether I was going to call him when I specifically told him that I needed to talk to him in person.
When I turned to walk away without any explanation, he called after me. "Are you going to talk to me or what?" Without a hitch, I whirled on him and replied, "Yeah, I'll talk to you... when I feel like it. And right now I just don't feel like it."
Since that conversation, I suspect that it was him who left two blank messages on my answering machine.